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Sup Ppl ^^. just wanted to post a message about my new link button which was made by son_dragon from fullmoonhentai.tk. If any webmasters out there would like to add my site to theres, just save this JPG and make the link out too: http://doujinalert.hentairack.com/index.html But please make sure you email me(contact is at top of the page) Before adding my link to your website, and If you want me to include your website to my links section also include a forward link/Picture/details. And on another note before I add your link I will have to inspect the contents(basically looking for doujinshi/CG images.

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New Doujin Site with over 1.3 Gigs of Content (Need Hentaikey to enter)


Great Site Containing Mangas, Series, Cg Images, And relavent Information about Various Artists.

If you are interested in joining up with my sites Links sections please send a E-Mail to
raven_guard@hotmail.com please include Sites title, URL to index page. I will judge your sites contents/style to see if you deserve to be placed here. Only well presented and maintained websites will be allowed permission to be on this page.


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