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Translation #3
Scramble X [School Rumble][tl-edit]

Starts of with some yuri(lesbian) with yakumo & tenma and finishes
with a 3some with harima, yakumo & tenma. Awesome artist, awesome doujin.
Enjoy the translation.

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n the end the free section will have about 5 doujins from each series I have collected, but it wont stay at just 5. Eventually it will double* :)

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The 3rd translation has been uploaded. work on A & B Sections for GT have been started and will be finished somewhere in the next few days.


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[Eringi Yukiguni] Yoruichi Fanbook 2 (bleach)

[Gyarakushi Monooki] Gekitotsu Kurumi Teingu (One Piece)

[Puchipuri-Yucie Only Fanbook] PaPa [Shimoboard03]

[Z Fukuro Neko Hausu] Ninpou Ranchiki Sawagi!Toori
(2x2 = Shinobudden)

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These 4 Doujins are a preview, There are many more but you will need HENTAIKEY to access my ever growing doujin database.

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